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Water-Powered Backup Sump Pumps: Ultimate Guide

Over the past several decades, backup sump pumps powered only by your home’s municipal water pressure have grown in popularity as an alternative option to the common battery-powered emergency backup sump pump systems. Water-powered backup sump pumps are a unique and inventive solution to protecting your basement from flooding during power outages or primary sump pump failures.

As homeowners have discovered the deficiencies of battery backup sump pumps — namely their limited run time and propensity to fail during prolonged rain storms—Water Commander  water-powered sump pumps as emergency backups have gained a devoted following since they are much more reliable.

How Much Water Does a Water-Powered Sump Pump Use?

A very common question people ask when they learn about water-powered backup sump pumps is, “How much water does it use?” This is a great question, since unlike other emergency backup pumps that use batteries, water-powered pumps rely on your home’s water pressure to generate their pumping power. You don’t have to worry about using electricity or batteries, but it does use some water.

We can’t speak to other water powered sump pumps, but we can give you an idea of how much water our Water Commander™ water-powered backup sump pump uses. […]