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How to Prevent Basement Flooding

Suffering from a flooded basement is exhausting and can cost you thousands of dollars. The property damage is extensive—ruined carpeting, drywall, water heaters, electronics, and the list goes on. And that doesn’t even include the cost to hire a flood remediation service, which can easily run more than $10,000.

Rather than waiting until after you have serious water damage, take proactive steps now to protect your home and bank account from basement flooding.

Sump Pits: Introductory Guide

The sump pit (also known as sump, sump basin, or sump well) is a water collection hole in the floor of your basement or crawlspace. It is very common for homes in areas that get regular rain-fall or have high water tables. (Fun fact: Prior to the 15th century, “sump” meant marsh. It wasn’t until the 1650’s that the term referred to a “pit to collect water”.)