How Does Water Commander Work?

Water Commander is a fully automatic water-powered backup sump pump, running on your home’s water pressure.

Your house water pressure is the source of the energy needed to pump excess water out of the sump well. The unit is connected to your ¾” or 1″ municipal water supply (see model MG22 or MG36) municipal water supply, after the water meter in your basement. The pump itself is easily attached to the wall or ceiling joist above your sump well.

Once the sump well water level reaches a pre-set height, the hydraulic float switch automatically activates Water Commander. Once it kicks on, the water from the water supply flows through Water Commander’s machined, internally funneled jet. This reduction in space for the flow creates a high-pressure zone inside the jet, which in turn reduces the internal pressure to less than atmospheric pressure and forms a vacuum in the chamber (the Venturi effect).

Water-Powered Backup Sump Pump Installation
Water Commander™ installation diagram

Sump water is quickly drawn out of the well with a strong suction and is discharged to the exterior. As soon as the sump well is almost empty, Water Commander automatically shuts off until needed again.

There is no limit to the number of times Water Commander will automatically start, nor is there a limit to the amount of time it will run. If necessary, Water Commander runs continuously. Even if you are on an extended trip, Water Commander will stay on active duty.

Water Commander reliably operates as a completely independent system, not interconnected with your primary sump pump. Its separate discharge pipe provides protection against a backup caused by a frozen primary discharge line.

Learn How It Works!

Pumping Demo (1 min.)

“Thanks for making such a reliable product!”

“My husband had the Water Commander installed five years ago and we never really thought about it afterwards. This year we had an extended power outage and heavy rains and the Water Commander did it’s job and kept the basement dry. A lot of people in our neighborhood flooded and my home was one of the few that didn’t.

Thanks for making such a reliable product!”

Jane, Somerset, NJ