Water Commander
Model MG36

Ultra-Performance Model

Water Commander Model MG36

Water Commander Model MG36

Most Powerful Water-Powered Pump Available

Water Commander model MG36 is our ultra-performance model and by far the most powerful water-powered pump available anywhere.

At 60 psi and a 10 foot lift, this Water Commander model will remove 44 percent more water per minute than a standard 1/3 HP electric pump with the same vertical lift. Like our model MG22, it is extremely reliable, operating at full power for years to come.


  • ¾” or 1″ water supply
  • From 40 psi to 125 psi house water pressure
  • 1 ½” PVC suction and discharge pipes

Pumping Capacity at 10ft Lift:

Pumping Capacities of Model MG 36
gpm = gallons per minute gph = gallons per hour

“It has averted two flooded basements!”

“This is a great product! It has already averted two flooded basements!”

– Mark, Geneva, IL

Model MG36 Pumping Demonstration

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