Water Commander has significant advantages over other backup sump pumps.

It beats battery backup sump pumps and is by far the best water-powered backup on the market.

Water Commander beats battery backups.

Water Commander is a non-electric backup sump pump that uses your home’s water pressure to operate—no battery or electricity is needed.

Unlimited Run Time

Unlike battery backups, Water Commander will operate as needed for an unlimited amount of time. A battery backup will give you 7 to 8 hours run time when new, but loses power capacity consistently as time goes on, until the battery must be replaced after two to three years.

Since Water Commander uses water-pressure instead of batteries or electricity, it will keep pumping, as needed, during power outages or a primary sump pump failure. During an extreme downpour, it will also work in tandem with your electrical sump pump as long as necessary.

Lasts for Years

Engineered for long life, Water Commander can last up to 20+ years and far beyond the life of any battery backup sump pump. You don’t need to replace any parts, just test it twice a year by lifting the float or unplugging your electric pump and letting the incoming water lift it.

With Water Commander there is no battery. It will run reliably without limit for many years after a battery backup has lost its power or mechanically failed.

High Pumping Capacity

Most battery backups pump at lower rates than standard electric sump pumps. However Water Commander can meet or exceed the pumping rates of an electric pump (view pumping rate tables), removing up to 1,800 GPH (gallons per hour) with our high-performance model and up to 2,830 GPH with our ultra-performance model.

No Ongoing Costs

With Water Commander you don’t have to spend more money every time your battery dies or your pump fails. These costs quickly add up, but Water Commander, because it needs no battery, is a one-time investment that is designed to last for years to come without reoccurring costs.

Sump Pump Comparison Chart

Water Commander Versus Battery Backups

Battery BackupsWater Commander™
Run Time7-8 hours with new battery, reduces over time and with each useUnlimited
Life SpanReplace after 3 yearsUp to 20+ years
Pumping RatesLess than electric pump and loses pumping power over timeCan meet or exceed electric pumping rates
CostMust buy pump, separate battery, and replacement batteries every several years.One-time purchase. Less than total cost of battery backups.

The best water-powered backup sump pump available.

More Powerful

Water Commander pumps substantially more GPM (gallon per minute and GPH (gallons per hour) than every other water-powered backup. Our model MG22 will pump twice the rate or more than any other brand of water-powered pump, while our model MG36 will pump three times or more the volume as any other brand.

Not only that, but Water Commander can easily match or out-pump your electric sump pump. (See pumping capacities for model MG22 or model MG36)

Heavy-Duty Construction

Water Commander is a professional grade product preferred by master plumbers for residential and commercial installations.

Well-designed and constructed of the highest quality parts, Water Commander is in a class of its own. Water Commander is the only water-powered backup with a jet that is machined out of solid bar-stock, unlike the cheaper thin-walled injection molded parts of other brands.

Additional Benefits of Water Commander

Completely Automatic

You can depend on the Water Commander. The pump will activate and empty your sump automatically. There is no need to be home as you would if using a generator. Even if you are gone for weeks, Water Commander will stay on duty and operate at full power as needed. (Visit our How Does It Work? page to learn more.)

Easy to Install and Operates Quietly

Water Commander operates quietly. It handles solids up to a diameter of .033″ (MG22) or .042″ (MG36). Water Commander easily mounts on the wall next to the sump, or up in the joist above the sump. It can be mounted in various positions as the situation requires (see Installation). Suction and discharge lines can have multiple 90 degree turns.

“We are really impressed. I can actually get some sleep during heavy rains and storms…”

I just referred you to some of our friends. We had the Water Commander backup sump pump installed last year, and we are really impressed. I can actually get some sleep during heavy rains and storms when the power goes out. I am surprised you don’t sell this to every new home builder in the country.

Steven, Northfield, IL

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