Water Commander— America’s finest water-powered backup sump pump.

It’s non-electric, can out-pump your electric sump pump, and will run at full power for years to come.

Water Commander backup sump pump

The right backup sump pump to keep your basement dry.

1. Non-Electric

Water Commander is a non-electric backup sump pump that uses your home’s water pressure to operate—no battery or electricity is needed.

This is by far the best water-powered sump pump on the market today.

2. Powerful

Water Commander can easily match or out-pump your electric sump pump.

Water Commander removes up to 1,800 GPH (gallons per hour) when connected to a 3/4″ water supply and up to 2,830 GPH with a 1″ water supply.

3. Dependable

Since Water Commander does not rely on batteries or electricity, it will operate at full power, as needed, for years to come.

Water Commander is a heavy-duty pump designed for professionals, using only the highest quality components.

Water Commander solves the problems that plague other backup sump pumps.

During a power outage, your backup sump pump is often your only protection against basement flooding. Battery backups are a problem in that their capacity to hold a charge reduces over time and for that reason often fail during a severe storm, when they are most needed.

Water Commander, the water-powered backup sump pump, solves this problem. Unlike battery backups, Water Commander will operate as needed for an unlimited amount of time. No maintenance is required and no future battery replacement is needed.

Water Commander is completely dependable during a storm and can run reliably without limit for many years.

How does it work?

Your house water pressure is the source of the energy needed to pump excess water out of the sump pit. Once the sump water level reaches a preset height, the hydraulic float switch automatically activates Water Commander. Water is quickly drawn out of the sump with a strong suction and is discharged to the exterior.

We offer two pump models.

Water Commander model MG22, designed for homes with a 3/4″ water supply, is our most popular backup sump pump.

Water Commander model MG36 is our premium model and is for homes with a minimum 1″ water supply.

Were it not for the Water Commander, I would have incurred many thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Our community experienced an incredible ice storm followed by heavy, continuous rains and snow melt. Over 25,000 households in my county were without electricity for extended periods; over a week later, some of those homes are still without power. I was without for 48 hours.

Were it not for the Water Commander, I would have incurred many thousands of dollars worth of damage. The unit worked beautifully. I’ve recommended your product to a number of my friends who relied on other means to back up their sump pumps–ones that unfortunately failed. Again, thank you.

– Steve, Lima, OH

Introduction Video

Pumping Demonstration
(Model MG36)